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International New York Times to end all daily political cartoons

Two months earlier, The Times had stopped running syndicated political cartoons, after one with anti-Semitic imagery was printed in the Opinion section of the international edition.

New York Times CEO warns publishers ahead of Apple news launch

Apple is the latest company to offer a direct-to-consumer streaming video, along with a news subscription service, by leveraging the power of its more than 1 billion devices.


State opens probe into Trump tax allegations in NYT report

The newspaper said it had reviewed 100,000 documents, including the elder Trump’s tax returns, to calculate that Trump and his siblings had received the equivalent in today’s dollars of $413 million worth of assets.

White House narrows search for anonymous op-ed writer

The author also wrote that the "root of the problem is the President's amorality" and assails Trump's "reckless decisions", "erratic behaviour" and what the official describes as the President's "impetuous, adversarial, petty and ineffective" leadership style.

Inside job

NYT carries an unsigned oped by a Trump staffer, and POTUS is fit to be tied. A new face-off is here

In NYT op-ed, senior Trump official describes resistance inside administration

There was an immediate guessing game in Washington about who wrote the article and whether it came from someone within the White House or in another government agency.


Angelina Jolie to Cara Delevingne: Women who have accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment

Harvey’s movies have won at least 300 Oscar nominations and a great number of Academy awards. But many the women who worked with for all these years or in many cases refused to work with him reportedly went through a harrowing time suffering sexual harassment at the hands of Weinstein.

Donald Trump accuses New York Times of foiling US attempt to kill Baghdadi

"The Failing New York Times foiled US attempt to kill the single most wanted terrorist, Al-Baghdadi. Their sick agenda over National Security," Trump tweeted

Sarah Palin sues New York Times for tying her PAC ad to mass shooting

The lawsuit refers to a June editorial in the Times on the recent shooting of Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise (skuh-LEES'). The editorial was later corrected. Palin is seeking damages to be determined by a jury.

Counter view: Obama-Modi friendship a bright spot in these testing times

If this relationship does put the worlds greatest democracies on a path to closer and greater friendship, then it is one that is good not just for India and the US, but for the democratic world in general.

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Do parrots understand economics? Well, kind of | NYT ScienceTake

At least four different species shows they can accurately assign value to food and tokens, swamping lower value items for higher value food.

'The Nun' | The anatomy of a scene, narrated by the director

Director Corin Hardy narrates a sequence from his horror film 'The Nun'.


Why some employees at Disney Land cannot pay their rent

They are struggling to get by and they’re fighting to pass a living wage ballot measure in California, they hope will change that.

The doctor who became an enemy of the Syrian regime

Since the beginning of Syria’s civil war, the Bashar Al-Assad government has targeted and killed hundreds of medical workers. Many have fled. This is the story of one doctor, Mohammed al-Bardan, who did not.

Six female politicians tells us the hate and judgment they have to deal with

The number of women running for office is increasing. But for many, harassment and discrimination is a persistent reality. We spoke with six female candidates about how they have persevered.

NYT ScienceTake: What ducks hear underwater

Scientists from the University of Delaware have created a hearing test for ducks. This is an important step. Watch here what they found.