Neuroscience News

Our brain likes new information as much as money: Study

While the research does not directly address the over-consumption of digital information, the fact that information engages the brain's reward system is a necessary condition for the addiction cycle, the researchers said.

Neuroscientists decode brain of blind patient 'who can see motion'

To understand her unique vision, scientists at the Western University's Brain and Mind Institute in Canada conducted tests including functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) to examine the real-time structure and workings of her brain.


How brain pays attention decoded

Researchers used magnetoencephalography (MEG) to scan human subjects as they viewed a series of overlapping images of faces and houses.

IITGN holds int’l conference on Emotion,Action

The event will be inaugurated by vice-chancellor of the Central University of Bihar Janak Pandey.

Musical training may change your brain!

Study found that the age at which musical training begins affects brain anatomy as an adult.

Aerobic exercise boosts memory in people with multiple sclerosis

Study showed executive functioning and processing speed remained unaffected.


Protein can lead to drug treatments for chronic pain

This molecule would give pain relief that could last up to seven months.

Women find men with deep voices more attractive

The study offers insight into the evolution of the human voice and how people choose mates.

Soon,obesity pill that ‘re-wires’ brain into feeling full

Medicine: Study shows that the neural circuitry that controls appetite could be manipulated to tackle eating disorders

Why cocaine is so addictive

Scientists have found how cocaine corrupts the brain and becomes addictive.