Neurons News

Artificial Intelligence can track neurons faster than humans

Scientists have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) based automated process that can track and map active neurons as accurately as humans can, in a fraction of the time.

Nanowires that mimic neurons developed

Researchers from Polytechnic University of Turin and RWTH Aachen University in Germany produced a memristive element made from nanowires.


Our eyes have natural night vision mode: Study

In a study with mouse retinas conducted under a microscope equipped with night vision eyepieces in a very dark room, researchers found that the retinal cells sensitive to upward movement change their behaviour in low light

Ultrasound may help unlock brain's secrets

Physicians use ultrasound to stimulate the production of blood vessels and bone; it's also used in heat therapy.

Skin cream ingredient may stop Parkinson's effects on brain

Parkinson's disease is a degenerative disease that causes the death of neurons in the brain.

Women beat men when it comes to picking right shade of paint

The study found men tend to find it more difficult to make fine distinctions between colours in the middle of the visual spectrum.


What happens when your brain loses consciousness

Electrical activities take place deep inside the brain when a person is unconsciousness.

Why neurons are like Indian roads

Intracellular transport mechanisms brave traffic jams and other odds to deliver important cargo to neuronal synapses,making sure the nervous system is in order