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Black Mirror season 5 review: Charlie Brooker’s series entertains but lacks its usual edge

Black Mirror's season 5 brings this Charlie Brooker creation back to three episodes. It is difficult, if not impossible, to give a comprehensive review of a Black Mirror season. So here are the individual episode reviews.

Bonding review: Another shade of grey

Bonding is a seven-episode Netflix Original which takes us into the world of BDSM through the lead pair of Tiffany Chester aka Mistress May, a dominatrix, and her gay friend Peter aka Carter, who is initiated into the ‘lifestyle’ as a bodyguard for Tiffany.


One Day at a Time review: All in the Family

Watch One Day at a Time if you are struggling with the ‘talk’, that you are about to have with your kids, or if you are not able to deal with the constant hassling of your parents, as they constantly push you to be better.