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Nepal's Constitution to be implemented after polls

Mohan Bahadur Basnet, Minister for Information and Communications said the Constitution would come into full implementation after conducting third phase of local polls, provincial and parliamentary elections.

Newly-elected Nepal Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba takes oath of office

Sher Bahadur Deuba is said to enjoy a good rapport with prominent Indian leaders, which could potentially aid him in arresting the increasing disenchantment between the Madhesis and the hill people. He has also promised to amend the new Constitution to fulfill the demands of the Madhesi people.


The new Nepalese constitution: a personal dilemma for PM Koirala

Constitutional experts say, Koirala will automatically cease to be a Prime Minister on September 27 if there is no last minute rescheduling or postponement of the constitution’s promulgation scheduled for Sunday.

Nepal: Madhesi community rejects constitutional amendment as 'incomplete'

As many as 24 proposals were filed by more than 100 lawmakers of different parties, seeking to amend the bill.

In thrall to the past

Nepal’s constitution inaugurates the new, but it protects too much of the old.

On the wrong foot

India must know it may be engendering resentments in Nepal that will remain long after the current crisis is over.


Constitutional error

As long as half of Nepal feels it has been shortchanged by the new constitution, political stability will elude it.

Nepal Ambassador: ‘Our Constitution better than (India’s)’  

The Indian Express reported Wednesday that India has conveyed to Nepal’s leadership the seven amendments it wants in their Constitution to ensure it is acceptable to the Madhesis and Janjatis.

Make seven changes to your Constitution: India tells Nepal

These “amendments” have been conveyed to Nepal’s leadership by the Indian government through official channels Ranjit Rae, India’s ambassador to Nepal.

Eight parts, 305 articles: Nepal’s latest constitution in a nutshell

Nepal’s seventh constitution in 67 years was promulgated in Kathmandu on Sunday. Apart from the seven provisions to which New Delhi has objected — the source of violent Madhesi protests along the border with India — what else does it contain?