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South African govt's plea to put up Nelson Mandela statue in Delhi: HC seeks Centre's stand

The apex court, however, in January this year transferred the main matter to the various high courts to ensure compliance of its direction to prevent encroachments of public space by religious structures and to deal with any other development connected with it.

Mandela’s forgiveness

It seems alien in a world where resentment is not seen as imprisoning, freedom is freedom to hate.


Nelson Mandela facts for kids

On Nelson Mandela’s 100th birth anniversary, here are some facts on South Africa’s first black President and Nobel Peace Prize winner.

A note from Mandela

On his birth centenary, remembering a question asked, an answer to remember.

Gandhi, Mandela gave hope to people facing discrimination: Sushma Swaraj

Swaraj was the keynote speaker at a banquet at the City Hall here marking the 125th anniversary of the day when on June 7, 1893, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, a young lawyer then, was thrown off a train compartment reserved for whites only.

Mother courage

Winnie Mandela symbolised the spirit of Black South Africa that fought the apartheid regime on the street.


Who was Winnie Madikizela-Mandela?

Known to her supporters as the "Mother of the Nation," Winnie Mandela played a prominent role in the battle to end white supremacy in South Africa. Her name, however, was also often linked with violence and corruption.

Nelson Mandela's ex-wife Winnie Mandela dies at 81

Winnie Mandela, the former wife of South African anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela, died today at the age of 81.

India ignores Oliver Tambo’s centenary, once Delhi & ANC were fast friends 

Modi, his party and his government are now on an overdrive to move away from — and, if possible, altogether erase — the legacy of the Congress and the Nehru-Gandhi family.

Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela advocated non-violence to usher social, political changes

"The legacy of Mahatma Gandhi, Dr Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela is that they were exemplars of fundamental belief that drivers of conflict are all amenable to non-violent solutions. A belief that underpins activities of UN," Akbaruddin said.

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Nelson Mandela's 100th birth anniversary: Inspiring quotes on life by the South African leader

On one of the greatest leaders from the history, Nelson Mandela's 100th birth anniversary, here are some life lessons and motivational quotes from the first Black South African president.

Nelson Mandela's 100th birth anniversary: Tracing Madiba's legacy

When free and fair elections were held in 1994, Nelson Mandela became president with an overwhelming majority support. He was to retire in 1999, although he continued to be an active part of South African public and moral life.


The best of World Press Photo Awards 2013

The first image shows African migrants on the shore of Djibouti city at night, raising their phones in an attempt to capture an inexpensive signal from neighboring Somalia.

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Best quotes: Remembering some of the words to live by from Nelson Mandela on his 100th birth anniversary

On his 100th birth anniversary, here are a few words of wisdom by Nelson Mandela. The man who is lovingly called Madiba.