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‘Nek Chand was a man with a big heart’: Manmohan Jolly

“Nek Chand was a man with a big heart. Once he became your friend, he couldn’t refuse anything. That was his nature. He was completely dedicated to his work and wanted it to be perfect,” shares Manmohan Jolly.

Nek Chand’s contribution to Chandigarh is grand and unique, says his friend

Hari Parbha says that Nek Chand was a man of deep intelligence and never felt any pride in his achievements and these qualities reflect in his artworks, each simple yet unique.


‘Nek Chand’s work is divine, fit for installing in temple’

“Whenever I would compliment any bit of his work, he would say, ‘you can keep it if you want’, but I would say I’m not praising it because I want it but because it looks so beautiful here

‘Nek Chand’s work is paragon of best from waste’

Nek Chand’s son Anuj Saini says the creator of the Rock Garden often used to oblige people’s requests for souvenirs like these. Our last week’s column bears testimony to that fact.

‘Nek Chand wanted his art to reach wider audiences’

As the son of the creator of Rock Garden, Anuj Saini, hopes to take his father’s vision of unique landscaping to other cities of the country, he shares how Nek Chand created thematic public work, one of the largest collections here in Chandigarh, at the Chandigarh Lawn Tennis Association Stadium, opposite DAV College in Sector 10.

‘Nek Chand has enhanced the beauty of Chandigarh’

Nek Chand is described as a calm and composed man with a positive and happy attitude towards life, Nek Chand was a humble and grounded being despite success and popularity across the world.


‘Nek Chand used art as a language of global communication’

Written by Dr S S BHATTI “HERE’S MAN at his creative best. There is vision, versatility, creativity, capped by a disarming sense of humility. We in the country and more particularly in Chandigarh are fortunate that such a great one: an artist of tremendous calibre is amidst us. But let’s give him his due, for the […]

‘Nek Chand was a man who was adored and respected by all’

“He was a very innovative person even at home, creating new things and never lost his temper in the toughest of situations. He cracked jokes all the time and was a very joyful soul,” recalls Lata who met Nek Chand last in 2014

Tour of Tricity: ‘Nek Chand had an extraordinary mind’

A friend and classmate of Nek Chand’s son Anuj Saini, Vikas Gupta had visited the Rock Garden before he met Nek Chand, an experience he describes as amazing and unforgettable.

‘Nek Chand was at peace with the world & self’

Nek Chand gave away many of his art works as gifts to the Randhawa family in course of their association. Nek Chand’s famous chowkidaar guards the gates of their home at Sector 27 and it’s a prized possession.

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Nek Chand, the man behind Chandigarh's iconic Rock Garden

Padma Shree awardee, Nek Chand, died on Thursday after being admitted in a hospital following a chest complaint.