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SAD skips NDA meet, says may ‘separate’ if demands not heard

The BJP is keen to retain its alliances with smaller parties in regions where it has not been able to emerge as a formidable force on its own.

Out of my Mind: Three years

We had to wait till 2014 till a new single party majority emerged with a coalition to bolster it.


The 18-month parallel

The UPA was all about corruption, the NDA is all about communalism.

Month before Aadhaar deadline: Over 40 crore people still left out

Aadhaar the basis of several fresh proposals, including introducing Aadhaar-based biometric systems in all Central government offices.

Govt optimistic on all bills but land

The government may not call a joint sitting, for it would pave the way for another confrontation.

Come to the House

Government must avoid the temptation to bypass the legislature.


The PM has no opponent yet

Are Narendra Modi’s real opposition political parties, or those who seek to find his opponent?

Ganga is samajwadi, does not belong to one religion: Akhilesh Yadav

There are some people who are propagating that Ganga belongs to one religion.

Modi government being run by big industrialists, says Rahul Gandhi

He accused BJP and the NDA of doing the politics of spreading anger and unrest by dividing people so as to get votes.

LJP convention in Lucknow to draft road map for 2017 polls

LJP had contested on 212 seats in UP Assembly in 2012 and security deposit of all its candidates had been forfeited.