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NCRB data on farmers’ suicides is out with key omission — reasons

The data shows that Maharashtra accounted for almost 40 per cent of all farmer suicides in the country in 2016. Karnataka (1,212) was second on the list but still recorded 50 per cent less farmers’ suicides than Maharashtra.

Jharkhand: Seven lynched over child-lifting rumours, but NCRB report says no such case

The zero figure assumes significance when seen against the backdrop of 21 deaths in the state in the past three years due to mob violence over suspicion of animal slaughter, theft, child-lifting rumours, among others.


MHA on NCRB report: Data on 25 categories withheld as it was unreliable

It also said it had withheld data with regard to 25 categories, including offences like rape during communal riots, laws related to cows, hate crimes and attack on journalists and RTI activists.

Delhi HC asks UIDAI to file response on plea seeking biometric scan of unidentified bodies

The plea said despite registering biometrics and scanning more than 1 billion citizens at the Aadhaar Portal, the database was not being utilised for identifying the bodies.

'Wake up from deep slumber,' Rahul Gandhi tells Modi govt over atrocities against Dalits in BJP-ruled states

Rahul Gandhi's latest salvo came days after he accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of having an "anti-Dalit" mindset. 

MHA plans to link fingerprint, face recognition data from all police stations to central system

The first phase of CCTNS is nearing completion, with 14,500 of 15,500 police stations across the country being connected. Only Bihar, for various administrative reasons, is lagging behind, with close to 850 police stations yet to be linked to CCTNS.


Express RTI application: NCRB figures show highest suicide rates among Christians, Dalits, tribals

The NCRB data obtained by this newspaper (see page 2) shows that Christians have the highest suicide rate at 17.4, as compared to Hindus at 11.3

Sedition in Jharkhand: NCRB says 18 cases, cops say none

The NCRB report states that 176 cases were registered across the country in the “offences against the state” category in 2014.

Making a difference: Now, Maharashtra cops to become tech-savvy

All India Police Duty Meet is the first major achievement for Pune in the Computer Awareness convention and has raised the morale of the police personnel in the city.

December 16 gangrape case: The crimes juveniles commit

According to data released by the NCRB, 36.1 per cent of cases against juveniles were pending disposal in courts while seven per cent cases resulted in acquittals or were disposed of.

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