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India inks interim agreement with SKAO; final review by govt underway

February 03, 2022 11:16 am

🔴 Though India is a participating country in the setting up of the world's largest radio telescope, it is yet to get the central government's approval to become a Member Country.

Pune: NCRA releases book in memory of founder-director Govind Swarup

September 15, 2021 11:17 am

Swarup was the man who sowed the seeds of radio astronomy research in India and succeeded in creating a group of radio astronomers in the country.

DoT’s faulty spectrum allocation to Reliance Jio hampers data quality from largest radio telescope, say scientists

August 27, 2021 10:58 am

Located 80 km from Pune, the GMRT is an array of 30 parabolic dishes — each of which is 45 metres in diameter.

uGMRT enables study of environment around rare transient object 215 million light years away

April 30, 2021 9:12 pm

Located 215 million light years away, the source, named AT 2018cow, was tracked for more than two years by scientists at the TIFR-National Centre for Radio Astrophysics (NCRA) using their own upgraded Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (uGMRT).

Govind Swarup Memorial: 'Govind Swarup a dreamer, visionary and driver of innovation'

March 24, 2021 1:14 am

Ekers was speaking on 'How innovation has driven science of radio astronomy' at the first Prof Govind Swarup Memorial lecture, organised virtually by TIFR - National Centre for Radio Astrophysics (NCRA), on Tuesday.

National Science Day: Talks, virtual lab tours, screenings mark celebrations

February 28, 2021 11:11 pm

During the “Ask the Scientist” session, a student from Solapur asked eminent cosmologist Jayant Narlikar, “Why are viruses pseudo living organisms, and could life have originated from them?”

Pune: TIFR-NCRA team captures better radio image of Sun

April 16, 2019 8:57 am

Solar flares or similar sun-related events are known to cause widespread outages to Earth’s communication systems, navigation and satellite operations, power supply and can cripple life beyond immediate repair.

Dying, giant radio galaxy catches astronomers’ attention

November 08, 2015 5:25 am

According to experts, while radio galaxies with size less than a million light years are common, giant radio galaxies are rare at large cosmic distances.

NCRA graphic novel on Venus transit

June 01, 2012 3:06 am

National Centre for Radio Astrophysics has come out with a graphic novel chronicling the history and the science associated with the transit of Venus,days ahead of the phenomenon.

No thoroughfare: Varsity puts curbs on entry to campus

January 28, 2012 1:56 am

The University of Pune has decided to restrict entry to its premises to prevent roads on the campus being used as thoroughfare.