We need to question deletions and exclusions from school textbooks

We also need to see knowledge as an experience of enchantment, not an act of consumption. It is high time we took the debate beyond merely the content of knowledge — Aurangzeb or Shivaji, Savarkar or Ambedkar, Vedic rites or Nizamuddin Auliya’s verses

Nationalism to novels, three chapters out of NCERT's Class 10 history book

This is the second textbook review undertaken under the incumbent government. The revised textbooks are meant for the new academic session that began this month. In 2017, NCERT made 1,334 changes, which included additions, correction and data update in 182 textbooks.


NCERT drops 3 chapters from Class 9, one on caste struggles

The decision to delete almost 70 pages from the textbook, titled India and the Contemporary World - I, is part of the curriculum rationalisation exercise initiated at HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar’s behest to reduce the burden on students.

From Swachh Bharat, noteban to Ganga and Digital India: Govt schemes enter NCERT textbooks

At least 13 new references to flagship programmes of the incumbent government introduced in Geography, Science, Political Science, Economics and English books.

New icons in NCERT books: Bajirao to Maharana Pratap

Spiritual leaders Sri Aurobindo and Swami Vivekananda and Maratha general Bajirao Ballal are among other icons that have either been introduced or have more space dedicated to them in the new History textbooks.

More space in school textbooks for ancient Indian knowledge systems and tradition

An analysis of 25 books, meant for Classes 6 to 10, reveals new information on yoga, ayurveda, teachings of Upanishads and scientific achievements of ancient India


Delhi caps weight of school bags for classes 1 to 10

The decision of the Delhi Directorate of Education follows Centre's order and guidelines for capping the weight of school bags for classes one to ten

Govt asks NCERT for more on Atal Bihari Vajpayee in school textbooks

According to sources, the NCERT is looking at including information on Vajpayee in political science textbooks for classes XI and XII.

Do not label, compare students with peers: NCERT

"Comparing the performance of a child with her/his previous performance, instead of comparing it with that of her/his peers, can be used to identify her/his learning and developmental needs (and) to provide the required support without any humiliation," the guidelines said

Not by the book

Latest alterations in textbooks short-circuit established processes of revision, undermine NCERT autonomy