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'Nazi grandpa' review lands German tourist in court

homas K, as he is named in court documents, noticed prominently-displayed pictures of two men in uniform with eagle and swastika badges when he checked into the hotel.

Explained: What is Roma Holocaust Memorial Day?

During the Holocaust, approximately half a million Roma children, women and men were massacred by the Nazis and their allies in sites across Europe.


YouTube to prohibit videos glorifying Nazi ideology

YouTube said Wednesday it will prohibit videos “alleging that a group is superior in order to justify discrimination, segregation or exclusion based on qualities like age, gender, race, caste, religion, sexual orientation or veteran status.”

D-Day DNA: GI's sons piece together lost WWII love story

Even as Europe, the United States and their allies mark 75 years since 160,000 Allied troops stormed a heavily-fortified 50-mile (80-kilometer) stretch of Nazi-occupied coastline in Normandy, the history of D-Day and its aftermath is still being written.

Angry protests bring Britain's Brexit divide to Parliament's doors

On Tuesday, members of parliament called on police to do more to tackle intimidation of politicians and journalists outside parliament after protesters yelled abuse at a prominent Conservative lawmaker.

Holocaust quantified: 1/4th of victims killed in just 3 months

The study was published Wednesday in Science Advances. Lewi Stone, a biomathematician in Tel Aviv University, analysed railway records of mass transportation of Jews.


Germany uncovers terrorist group which attacked foreigners in Chemnitz

Some 100 policemen backed by special commando units detained the six suspects aged 20 to 30, acting on warrants issued by the Federal Court of Justice on Sept. 28, the prosecutor said.

Adolf Hitler globe sold for USD 65,000 at US auction

The globe is marked entirely in German. Notably, borders of Germany include the portion of Poland allotted to them under the German-Soviet Frontier Treaty of 1939, as well as Austria and the Czech Sudetenland. The globe was auctioned for USD 65,000.

BJP slams Goa church magazine for Nazi reference

“Nazism was popular in Germany... supported by the Church... At that time, Germany was almost 100 per cent...90 per cent Roman Catholic, which is there in Goa,” he told the media.

Trump embarrassing US by making pro-Nazi comments: Sanders

Demonstrators clashed on the streets of Charlottesville ahead of a white nationalist rally, with counter-protesters and right-wing nationalist groups converging on the college town in latest chapter in United States' debate over race and identity.