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RSS' custom babies and Hindutva theory of Aryans as the 'original Hindus'

A local myth suggests that German women traveled to India to be impregnated by the Aryan 'seed'.

German official: Russian bikers not members of pro-Kremlin Night Wolves

The pro-Kremlin Night Wolves declared their intention to ride their motorbikes to Berlin.


Rome Jewish leader triggers police intervention at Auschwitz

The incident began late Tuesday after commemorations marking the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi German death camp.

Proposed law to criminalise the word 'Nazi' sparks debate in Israel

If the law passes, it would ban any 'wrong' and 'inappropriate' use of Nazi words and symbols.

As leaders vie for credit,BJP draws fire for calling Modi rally Blitzkrieg

State BJP leaders are vying to take credit for Operation Blitzkrieg — that’s what the BJP is calling the rally.

French,German presidents visit French ghost town abandoned since WWII massacre

An SS Division had locked the entire populace and burnt the village. Only 6 survived.


Rare documents of Holocaust hero Schindler up for auction

Schindler was responsile for saving his Jewish workers at the height of Holocaust.

Japan Finance Minister Taro Aso under fire for Nazi comment

Aso's comments have drawn complaints from Jewish groups and neighboring South Korea.

Hitler’s propaganda chief revealed as a ‘sex-crazed lothario’

A book has revealed that Joseph Goebbels had scores of affairs and was nicknamed 'the ram'.

Both hero and traitor,but no longer on the map

The municipal council in France on the edge of the Ardennes Forest recently voted to change a third of the village’s street names.