Naxalbari News

So long as it’s red

There are too few contemporary histories of the Naxalite movement. This book, which includes revolutionary song and poetry, is a substantial contribution.

How Jhumpa Lahiri's 'Naxal novel' made me relate to a 51-year-old movement

Many would rate Mahasweta Devi’s searing 'Hajar Churashir Maa' and Neel Mukherjee’s 'The Lives of Others' higher. But 'The Lowland' made me believe stories I'd heard in my childhood and tales of the Naxalbari uprising.


In the wake of the Spring Thunder

Is the revolutionary movement capable of engaging with an India, a fast globalising world that is swinging to the Right?

In Naxalbari, farmers face new bane: land sharks

A local property broker claimed land prices in the area have gone up by almost 60 per cent. “We make about two to three deals every month,” he added.

Didn’t lose the dream,just met reality,say Sanyal’s comrades

In light of Naxal father Kanu Sanyal’s suicide,Ravik Bhattacharjee meets other faces of the Naxalbari movement who are now in political oblivion....

Naxalbari: The Beginning

As one approaches Naxalbari,half an hour from Siliguri in West Bengal,it is difficult not to feel overawed.