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US general Allen to head anti-jihadist coalition

The job will require a balancing act that will be familiar ground to the retired four-star Marine officer.

Afghans see hope in chance to choose new leader

None is expected to get a majority needed to secure a win outright, so a runoff between the top two vote getters is widely expected.


Kerry-Aziz meet to produce blue print of US-Pak relationship

In 2010, there were three rounds of Strategic Dialogue between both sides.

Taliban attack shows militant spirit unbroken

Taliban bluffed their way past 2 checkpoints and storm a highly fortified zone in Kabul on Tuesday.

US drone strikes violate Pak sovereignty: Sharif

Sharif hails ‘good ties’ with US,offers olive branch to Afghanistan

‘Terror from Af-Pak region matter of concern’

Describing terrorism emanating from Pakistan and Afghanistan as a area of common concern for India and Tajikistan,Vice-President Hamid Ansari landed here on Sunday for a four-day visit


Powell meets Rajnath,pitches for FDI in retail

The US envoy to India is learnt to have offered to make a presentation to the BJP leadership regarding the pullout of NATO forces from Afghanistan,and also pitched for FDI in retail

Pak activist helps free 17 Indians held by Somali pirates

One Nigerian died last year due to lack of medication.

Pak says 100 killed in two-week fight with Taliban

Pakistani security forces pushed Taliban militants who came from Afghanistan back across the border after more than two weeks of fighting in a mountainous tribal region,spokesmen for both sides said

Pak secretly allowing NATO supplies via air,says report

Pakistan has secretly allowed US-led NATO forces to use its airspace to transport lethal supplies to Afghanistan while disregarding a resolution approved by parliament