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Friday, May 07, 2021



In classrooms, we need to rediscover meanings of 'disobedience', 'nationalism'

February 27, 2021 8:53 am

As teachers, many of us become overly cautious so that every word we utter in our classrooms becomes "technically perfect", "legally sanctified", and is in tune with the dominant ideology of nationhood.

Meghnad Desai writes: India doesn't need a single story of nationhood

February 23, 2020 10:46 am

India is a civilisation. It does not need a single story of its Nationhood. India is large enough to accommodate many stories of Nationhood. Indeed each linguistic region has its own story of Nationhood. That is its strength. The task is to weave these multiple regional stories into a rich garland that is India.

WhatsApp Uncle is lost looking for citizenship papers

February 02, 2020 8:16 am

He wants India to practise athiti daivo bhava, but fears being declared as an anti-national.

How to stay sane and shut out toxicity in a time of polarisation

January 02, 2020 3:19 pm

Trolls who engage in gaslighting end up digging personal histories, find other narratives that do not negate but deflect the main message of the persons, and also unleash viral abuse that makes the person believe that they might be wrong to even perceive an event as traumatic, let alone experience it.

Attempts are being made to dismantle the pluralistic ideas of India that are a legacy of Gandhi and Tagore

October 12, 2019 1:45 pm

Our identities are necessarily multi-layered but ethnic nationalists privilege one of these layers, usually based on the narrow particularities of religion, language or culture that makes it easy to mobilise certain groups.

‘No one has ever doubted Muslims’ nationalism. No one still doubts it, and never will’

June 16, 2019 10:44 am

Minority Affairs Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi talks about the trolls he gets subjected to, says more than 32 per cent minorities have benefited from Mudra Yojana and claims discrimination against the community has “reduced”

The F-word

September 01, 2018 12:07 am

Pune police have radical hyperbolists excited — is fascism finally here? Sadly, the word seems to have lost meaning.

Liberals and nationalism

March 29, 2018 12:15 am

They disapprove of Hindu nationalism, but support the constitutionally consecrated view of the nation

Vande Mataram row: Not singing it doesn't make one anti-national, says Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi

July 30, 2017 5:23 pm

Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi however, added that in case if someone deliberately tried to oppose singing Vande Mataram, it was in "in bad taste" and "not in the interest of the country". Maharashtra PWD Minister Chandrakant Patil said no one should have a problem saying 'Vande Mataram' and 'Bharat Mata Ki Jai'.

5 Questions: ‘They must look at the tank and remember people have sacrificed their lives’

July 28, 2017 1:53 am

Having raised the issue of installing an army tank in JNU during Zero Hour on Thursday, Meenakshi Lekhi tells Indian Express that without the army protecting the country’s borders, campuses like JNU would not have the peace to thrive.


When Rahul hugged Modi: Call me Pappu, insult me. But I have no hate for you

June 22, 2020 6:21 pm

At the end of an impassioned speech, Rahul Gandhi tells the Parliament that he has no hatred towards the BJP or RSS or anyone else who call him names and insult him. He said, that's what it is to be a Congressman, an Indian.

Shah should not lecture Congress on nationalism: Sibal

February 15, 2016 4:24 pm

New Delhi, Feb 15 (ANI): Congress leader Kapil Sibal on Monday rubbished Bharatiya Janata Party president Amit Shah’s comment on the Jawaharlal Nehru University row, saying he did not have the stature to lecture Congress president Sonia Gandhi or vice president Rahul Gandhi on the issue of nationalism. Sibal said instead of dealing with the university students in the way that they should be dealt with, the BJP was busy proving that they were criminals. Sibal further stated that India is no more under British rule and added that Amit Shah and PM Modi cannot stop these young children from speaking their minds.