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Ultralight 'supermaterial' made using plastic bottle waste

NUS researchers developed a way to convert plastic bottle waste into flexible and durable aerogels for many useful applications

Underwater robot made capable of manta-ray like propulsion

Scientists have created an underwater robot designed to resemble the manta ray, whose fin-based propulsion has been a mystery to researchers.


Netaji galvanised Indians in Singapore to fight for freedom

The Indians were majority of the 78,000 civilians from Malaya and Singapore deployed on the rail project.

Spider’s self-castration raises reproductive success

Males of a tropical species of spider castrate themselves after mating to shed weight and fight off other males,finds a study

Small money,net gain

An online microfinance platform identifies the needy and lets lenders decide who and how much to fund

Most in China don’t even think of 1962: Noted Chinese historian

The 1962 India-China war may be a sore point for Indians.


Clenching muscles ‘increases willpower’

Unable to quit smoking due to lack of willpower?A new study reveals that firming muscles can shore up self-control.