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Before Govt blocked jobs report, stats panel search body tweaked in its favour

Earlier, the composition of the search committee, according to the MoSPI Resolution dated June 1, 2005, was: Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission as Chairperson along with an RBI Deputy Governor and “two eminent persons.

Chidambaram on NSC resignations: One more institution has died owing to govt's negligence

Chidambaram blamed the government's "malicious negligence" for the sudden resignation of NSC Acting chief P C Mohanan and J V Meenakshi, Professor at the Delhi School of Economics.


Women in workforce gravitate to services; overall participation dips

The debate over the decreasing number of working women in the country has increasingly gained traction in the last couple of years.

‘The 4% growth in employment is realistic and heartening’

Non-government employment as well as the number of independent enterprises have seen a sharp jump in the Sixth Economic Census.

Election spending to push up GDP numbers by 0.3%

Candidates are expected to spend up to R11,000 crore collectively

‘Bihar’s data on consumption expenditure creates serious noise factor in poverty analysis’

Amitabh Kundu,Professor (Economics) at JNU speaks to Surabhi.