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NRA president Oliver North to step down as New York opens tax inquiry

Their standoff began Wednesday when North urged LaPierre to resign. On Thursday, LaPierre sent a letter to the board in which he accused North of threatening to release damaging information about him and other executives if he refused to step down.

Same name, different missions: The National Rifle Association in the US and New Zealand

In New Zealand, the local gun organization will not be among those pushing against the new bans. In fact, the sorts of military-style weapons being targeted are already unwelcome in the New Zealand organization.


Florida school shooting survivors target NRA-linked companies

Survivors of a mass shooting at a Florida high school are hoping to expand the reach of their gun control movement by seeking a boycott of companies doing business with the NRA and urging tourists to boycott the Sunshine State. As the (hash)BoycottNRA movement grew on Twitter, with petitions circulating against companies that offer discounts […]

NRAI selectors axe Annu Raj, displace team

Annu Raj’s name was on the original list that was announced on July 15.

Coach’s brush with customs forces NRAI to read riot act

The NRAI has sent a letter to the Sports Authority of India (SAI) urging it to drop Chowdhry from the coaches roster.

Junior shotgun coach under customs scanner for not declaring ammo

On being confronted he admitted he was carrying the ammunition, which were then confiscated pending further inquiry.


US journal denounces move to block nomination of Vivek Murthy for US Surgeon General

Indian-American Murthy, if confirmed, would be the first Indian-American to become US Surgeon General.

India’s shooting coaches unpaid for over a year

The Indian coaches on the panel of the shooting disciplines are still waiting to get their first pay slips.

Gun control: Newtown marks 6 months of school shooting which killed 26

The families of the victims and officials will mark the event by raising the pitch for stricter gun laws.

Newtown upset with NRA robocalls over gun laws

Residents in Newtown said they are outraged at receiving automated phone calls from National Rifle Association gun lobby