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Misreading the pharma market

The DPCO 2013 covers only 376 essential medicines in specific presentations and strengths. India’s domestic pharma market sales is about Rs 1.3 lakh crore per year. Perfect competition does not favour the patient.

No easy cures

Drug regulator’s decision to revise last year's ceiling on paediatric drug underlines price controls can be counterproductive.


Despite no cap ‘indication’, govt put knee implant under price limit

The Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) and the NPPA are also documented as having given similar assurances in subsequent meetings.

Sans consultant since November, NPPA faces multiple legal hurdles

According to the information gathered by The Indian Express, at least 26 cases have been filed post November 30, 2017, and high courts have given relief to the firms in most of the cases by granting stay orders against any “coercive action” by NPPA.

Complaints with NPPA about drug shortage up 6-fold in 2017-18

According to the data of pricing regulator, the number of complaints filed regarding shortage of medicines were just 7 in 2016-17. This figure saw a jump to 42 in 2017-18.

Unbranded generics, ‘orphan drugs’ may go out of price control

Drugs for rare diseases are usually very expensive as pharma firms do not find it viable to sell such medicines.


Drug pricing: A regulatory tug of war

At a recent meeting, NPPA suggested that govt abandon the ‘archaic practice’ of reviewing its decisions despite pharma players seeking greater intervention.

Denied once, NPPA begins work on new drug price control list

Opens consultations with stakeholders, pharmaceutical industry voice opposition.

Drug regulator slaps penalty on Novartis for overcharging painkiller

Last month, the NPPA had withdrawn internal guidelines issued by the drug price regulator to cap prices of non-scheduled drugs.

Caught between legal basis and industry protests, NPPA loses pricing powers

The issue of intellectual property rights especially in pharmaceuticals have been a constant bugbear in the bilateral trade relations.