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Ganga basin covers nearly 40% of India, has big role in carrying trash from source to sea: Heather Koldewey

"The reason why plastic pollution has got so much attention is that science has shown the scale of the problem. Every single place that any marine scientist has ever looked, they have found plastic everywhere," she said.

Bottlenose dolphin adopts and cares for orphan whale calf, caught on video

Researchers in French Polynesia spotted the bottlenose dolphin in 2014, nursing an unusual looking calf and have been keeping track of the duo since.


OnePlus 7 Pro and its triple camera: Why Netflix and National Geographic are impressed

OnePlus has partnered with Netflix and National Geographic to showcase the powers of its camera.

Nat Geo launches nation-wide hunt for an expedition to Peru; will you make the cut?

The nation-wide hunt is to look for three individuals who look at the world "through an explorer's eye".

Rupert Murdoch's 21st Century Fox buys majority stake in National Geographic media

The agreement announced Wednesday will give the company controlled by Rupert Murdoch's family a 73 percent stake in the new National Geographic Partners venture. The society retains 27 percent ownership. The move shifts the longtime nonprofit flagship magazine into a for-profit venture.

National Geographic's green eyed 'Afghan girl' has been living in Pak on fake papers

According to officials, she has apparently gone into hiding after the issue of her fake card surfaced.


DU professor's research findings selected by National Geograpic

The unusual mating strategy of the Indian purple frog and fourteen new species of tiny dancing frogs made it to the top 10.

I don’t watch TV

I love to watch anything and everything.

Kal Penn to host and produce a new series on TV

Kal Penn will headline National Geographic's latest show about how maps and data provide world information.

Roadies’ Rajiv admits it was a challenge to shed his aggressive image for new tv show, ‘Covershot’

Actor and producer Rajiv Lakshman on his latest anchoring gig on Nat Geo’s Mission Covershot.