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A new documentary, Lakir Ke Iss Taraf, sheds light on the Sardar Sarovar Project

The 85-minute documentary enables viewers to understand the situation through the lens of the disadvantaged villagers, who were compelled to leave their ancestral property and witness the submergence of their homes, land and cattle.

Over 31,000 film reels 'lost or destroyed' at National Films Archives of India: CAG report

One of the purposes of the National Films Archives of India or NFAI is to trace, acquire and preserve for the use of posterity, the heritage of national cinema and representative collection of world cinema.


Subhash Ghai to give negatives of 23 films to NFAI

Subhash Ghai has given negatives of his 24 films to National Film Archives of India (NFAI).

She shifts heavy loads, her story moves audience

People raise funds through screening of Babai, a documentary film on the octogenarian porter.

In reel time

Preserving rare movies is vital. But a film also needs a viewer.

The Celluloid Man

Celluloid, a Malayalam film to be screened at Pune International Film Festival, looks at the life of J C Daniel, who is known as the father of Malayalam cinema.


The Celluloid Man

Celluloid,a Malayalam film to be screened at the Pune International Film Festival.

A Silent Jibe

She sits at a desk in her boss’ cabin,taking notes while he speaks. His eyes glitter as he advances his hand towards hers. Clearly uncomfortable,she shirks his hand off,but he continues his advances while she attempts to squirm out of his grasp. The scene ends with him crumpling her notes and throwing them away. In […]

The Art of Appreciation

Most of us look at films as a vehicle of entertainment at best,or as a form of escapism at worst.

Treasure Hunt

Sri Lankan classic Nidhanaya,whose only surviving film negative was preserved at the National Film Archives of India,will be screened at this year’s Venice International Film Festival