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BJP MLA Usha Thakur refers to Godse as patriot

This isn’t the MLA’s first tiff with controversy. In the past, she had called for a ban on Muslims from participating in garba programmes during Navratri.

After Pragya, now MP BJP MLA terms Nathuram Godse nationalist

A video, in which BJP MLA from Mhow Usha Thakur is heard glorifying Godse, has gone viral on social media.


Six Surat Hindu Mahasabha men held for celebrating Godse birthday

The event was allegedly organised by Hiren Sumra alias Hiren Mashru, a member of the Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha who is also a priest at the temple.

Gujarat: Six Hindu Mahasabha men held for celebrating Godse birthday

The Hindu Mahasabha activists had organised the celebration in the premises of Suryamukhi Hanuman temple in Limbyayat area of city, following which they were arrested on Monday, said Surat Police Commissioner Satish Sharma.

Nathuram Godse's journey... till he shot Mahatma Gandhi

Nathuram Godse shot Mahatma Gandhi on January 30, 1948. Here is his journey from a small town in Maharashtra to becoming the man who killed the 'Father of the Nation

Godse a 'deshbhakt': Pragya's remark a self-goal, not what BJP, RSS want to hear

Between the cultural nationalism of the BJP and the secular nationalism of the Congress, Godse has been a sore point from which the BJP and its parent Sangh have always tried to dissociate. The RSS was banned after the Mahatma’s assassination.


Godse is, was, will remain deshbhakt: Pragya, accused of terror, defines patriotism

Later at night, Pragya Thakur released a video statement apologising for her “personal remark”. “I respect Mahatma Gandhi, his contribution to the country cannot be forgotten. If my statement has hurt anyone, I apologise for it,” she said.

Gandhi’s relation with RSS needs open-minded acceptance, not suspicion

The wholehearted acceptance of RSS’s role in freedom struggle will only pave the way for an understanding that the India independence cannot be credited to just one party or ideology alone.

The Mahatma and the Sangh

Mutual respect between Gandhi and RSS is not widely known.

Nathuram Godse's play sparks controversy in Vadodara

According to organiser Vikram Manekar Manekar, the Vadodara show is already set to run to a packed house as the tickets are sold out. "There is no way that we will cancel the show," he said.