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NASA Mars rover Opportunity News

Scientists convert data from Mars sunrise to musical piece

Mars Soundscapes, created from images captured by NASA's Opportunity rover, will be presented at the Supercomputing SC18 Conference in Dallas on November 13.

NASA's Opportunity Mars Rover remains silent

According to the US space agency, it is possible that a layer of dust deposited on the rover's solar panels by the dust storm is blocking sunlight that could recharge its batteries.


NASA's Opportunity rover halted over Martian dust storm

NASA has reported that its Mars probe Opportunity's operations have been temporarily shut down, given a dust storm that has hit parts of the Red Planet.

NASA's Opportunity rover completes 5,000 days on Mars, spots possible signs of water

Having completed 5000 Martian days, NASA's Opportunity rover might have found another possible sign of water having existed on the Red Planet.

NASA rover finds Mars had life-friendly fresh water

Opportunity is examining the rim of the Endeavour Crater and has driven 38.7 kilometres from where it landed on January 24, 2004.

Mars rover begins epic climb on tallest hill yet

Rover began the climb on Oct 8 and has advanced farther uphill with three subsequent drives.