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Andhra Pradesh elections: Nara Lokesh works hard to weave a success story in gateway to new capital

Lokesh, a member of the state legislative council, hasn’t given up the position even after the party announced his name from Mangalagiri. This has led to murmurs within the party circles that his father Chandrababu has hedged his bets in case Lokesh fails to win.

Nara Lokesh: ‘There is a good two months to go... It is anyone’s battle’

Like his father, Nara Lokesh frames the election as a battle between the TDP and Narendra Modi, and insists the TDP is not anti-Congress.


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YSRCP, TDP intensify campaigns in Andhra Pradesh

Mounting a massive campaign, both the TDP and the YSRCP are indulged in a close fight in the Andhra Pradesh elections.