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All that matters in Nandigram: 2007

‘There may come a time for another party but never CPM... as far as we are concerned, they’re finished’.

Victim’s CDRs lead cops to his ‘killer’ roommates

Morphing  the photo of a friend’s wife and passing it off as the handiwork of a roommate proved costly for a 22-year-old man in Mumbai last month. The offender was eventually murdered by his angry roommate. However, the investigation led the police in different directions before the unlikely motive came to light. On the morning […]


Didi plays minority card in Nandigram

The media is creating an artificial hype and they have become a paper tiger.

Mamata cold shoulders demand for CBI probe into chitfund scam

Stating that she would not allow anyone to go scot-free for wrong doing, Banerjee said Trinamool Congress councillor Sambhunath Kow accused of killing party leader Adhir Maity at Dhapa had been arrested.

'Buddha solely responsible for Nandigram firing'

Bhattacharjee,he alleged,did not 'bother’ to hold any discussion with Left Front constituents on the Nandigram land issue.

Lakshman Seth barred from entering four districts in south Bengal

The family members of the victims then filed a SLP for the cancellation of Seth’s bail.


CBI seeks two more weeks to provide documents to state

Advocate Asraf Ali,counsel to the CBI,subsequently said the CBI was preparing its reply and sought two weeks time to provide the documents.

Tales dug out from Nandigram to live on celluloid

Shyamali Pramanik’s enduring battle with the state administration to prove that a decapitated body unearthed from a burial mound in Nandigram in December 2007 was that of her husband Haren Pramanik

Trinamool’s pockets of gloom

Ruling party may be sweeping panchayat elections,but its victory run is interrupted in Singur and Nandigram — the land protest hubs and cradles of poriborton

In Nandigram,Trinamool's main opposition is Trinamool

Nandigram is now the stage for a bitter contest within her party