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Nambi Narayanan espionage case: Kerala Cabinet clears Rs 50 lakh compensation to ex-ISRO scientist

In its recent landmark verdict, the Supreme Court awarded Rs 50 lakh as compensation to the 76-year-old Narayanan for being subjected to mental cruelty and asked the state government to pay it to him within eight weeks.

There’s Space for Petty Gains

Veteran rocket engineer S Nambi Narayanan on being embroiled in the ISRO spy case along with six other colleagues and how the fictitious case set India's space programme back by years.


How fake spy case against Nambi Narayanan, D Sasikumar set ISRO back many years

While Nambi Narayanan was arrested on November 30, 1994, Sasikumar was arrested on November 21, 1994. Both spent 50 days in jail and were allegedly tortured by police, who alleged that the scientists were involved in espionage.

Space opera

The Isro case leaves behind an important caution about national security, and a precedent for securing compensation.

Espionage case: Happy with Supreme Court verdict, says former ISRO scientist Nambi Narayanan

The Supreme Court held that Nambi Narayanan was "arrested unnecessarily, harassed and subjected to mental cruelty" in the case and ordered a probe into the role of Kerala Police officers in it.

Who is Nambi Narayanan?

While working at ISRO, Narayanan was accused of selling vital secrets associated with Indian space technology to Pakistan. Though he was later acquitted by a CBI court and the Supreme Court in 1998, he spent a total of 50 days in jail along with fellow scientist D Sasikumar and four others.


'Unnecessarily arrested': SC awards ex-ISRO scientist Nambi Narayanan Rs 50 lakh compensation

Then a scientist at ISRO, Narayanan was arrested on November 30, 1994, on allegations of espionage. He was later exonerated by the Supreme Court.