NADA bans hockey goalie Akash Chitke for 2 years, 4-year suspension for six others

Akash Chitke was provisionally suspended by NADA from March 27 and the minimum sanction of two years was imposed by the Anti-Doping Disciplinary Panel (ADDP) after a final hearing on October 8.

WADA warns ICC, says it is ready to intervene in India cricket doping row

BCCI and NADA are at loggerheads over the former's refusal to allow the doping agency to conduct a drug test on cricketers.


NADA officials have no right to search and seize for substances, says appeal panel

Anti-doping officials will have to ask law enforcement agencies to investigate, says appeals panel; ruling comes as hurdler Jitin Paul's ban is overturned

Jithin Paul cleared of dope charges by NADA, suspension overturned

National Anti Doping Agency appeal panel exonerated 400m hurdler Jithin Paul of doping charges.

WADA Report: India joint sixth in list of doping violations

India were among top 10 nations with regards to doping violations being joint sixth as WADA published its report as per samples collected in 2016.

BCCI discusses NADA, India-Pakistan series with Sports Ministry

BCCI has insisted that it is a WADA-compliant organisation so there was no need for it come under NADA's supervision.


FSSAI rejects National Anti-Doping Agency’s request to frame food supplement standards

Concerned about the burgeoning range of off-the-shelf food supplements and the possibility of at least some of them containing banned performance enhancing substances, NADA had recently approached the FSSAI with a request to frame standards for these supplements.

WADA raps NADA, says results management under review

The committee's role, is to provide advice, guidance and recommendations on important compliance matters.

Dope fallout: Delhi, Haryana, Punjab set to be suspended

The NADA caught 21 weightlifters for using banned substances in five different national championships.

With 43 athletes on blacklist,India World No. 2 in doping

A majority of Indian athletes have been suspended for using banned steroids like stanozolol and methandienone.