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North Korea's repeated provocations is making disarmament harder: G7 Ministers

"This task is made more complex by the deteriorating security environment in a number of regions, such as Syria and Ukraine, and, in particular by North Korea's repeated provocations."

Briefly World: World leaders begin to arrive for Mandela’s funeral

Pranab Mukherjee will be among 70 heads of state to attend a memorial service for anti-apartheid legend Nelson Mandela.


N Korea says 169 killed,400 missing in floods

More than 8,600 houses were destroyed and another 43,770 swamped.

US denies parachuting into N Korea

The US military denies the report and says a source had been misquoted.

N Korea rocket launch would be provocative: Seoul

N Korea has announced to launch the rocket between April 12-16 to put a satellite into orbit.

North Korea seeks military talks with rival South

North Korea has proposed holding military talks with the South next week after it raised tension on the troubled peninsula last week by warning it would hold live-fire drills near the border with its rival.


China,Russia,N Korea,Iran threat to US: Report

America's top intelligence agency identified N Korea,Iran,China and Russia as countries which have the ability to challenge US interests in traditional and emerging ways.

Scholar says both US journalists in N Korea guesthouse

North Korea has delayed sending two convicted US journalists to a prison labour camp in a possible attempt...

Friends speak up for US journalists jailed in N Korea

Derrick Shore was nervous when he travelled with Laura Ling to the shantytowns of Sao Paulo,Brazil...

Angry with UN statement,N Korea says it will restart nuclear plant

North Korea vowed on Tuesday to restore nuclear facilities that it had been disabling and boycott international talks on its nuclear weapons...