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Now, man lynched in West Bengal on suspicion of being child lifter

Ranchi attack: Maulana hit even before he could react to Jai Shri Ram demand, says friend

A police officer said the accused have confessed to having assaulted the priest, Azhar-ul-Islam, in his mid-20s, who has been working as a maulana at Agdu basti mosque in Ratu, in Jharkhand district, for the last one year.

On civil code, Law panel asks Muslim groups: Why deny some rights to women

On uniform civil code, Law panel asks Muslim groups: Why deny some rights to women

Sources told The Indian Express that the panel asked about Muslim personal law not allowing a mother to be the natural guardian and also cited the differences in the interpretation of Hanafi, Shafi’i, Maliki or Hanbali law.

Recent tensions in Paldi, an affluent locality of Hindus and Jains with some Muslim-dominated parts in Ahmedabad, shed fresh light on the faultlines of urban Gujarat. (Representational)

The segregated city

Ghettoisation and Disturbed Areas Act are dividing urban spaces in Gujarat, pushing Muslims to the edge.

Of symbols and the symbolised

Babri Masjid is more than a ‘dilapidated’ structure. And Kathua is about biases.

Making of a composite culture

Lively interactions between Hindus and Muslims in statecraft, art and in the spiritual realm were the hallmarks of seven centuries before colonial rule.

While Muslims account for 70 per cent of voters in the constituency, it also has a sizeable Yadav population.

Our threatened humanity

Harsh Mander: India has never been as divided since Partition, and new partitions are being constructed each day in our hearts.

Ramachandra Guha and Harsh Mander return to reflect on the issues their articles flagged in these pages — and take the debate forward

Burdens of the past

Ramachandra Guha: My comparison was ill-chosen, and the chastisement I received for it is merited. I also agree that the headscarf and the skull-cap are akin to the turban and the vibhooti, markers of religious identity that should not offend anyone when displayed in public.

False narrative

Psuedo-secular intelligentsia has fractured the concept of Indian citizenship, kept Muslims in an impermeable silo of insecurity.

In thrall to the holy cow

When it comes to cattle, the dominant beliefs of current religious and political leaders are totally at variance with the realities of farming.

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Agony of the marginalised

The marginalisation of Muslims began soon after Partition and has since been institutionalised by political parties and governments. Doing away the burka and skull-cap will not end it.

Liberals in majoritarian times

Liberal democrats owe it to themselves to choose their words and fora responsibly.

While Muslims account for 70 per cent of voters in the constituency, it also has a sizeable Yadav population.

A false dilemma

For Ramachandra Guha empathy for Muslims is a liberal predicament. He makes a deeply unfair argument

It’s not just religion, it’s also caste

In addressing the ‘Muslim question’, left-liberals have been extremely hesitant in acknowledging the Ashraf-Pasmanda divide.

Abul Kalam Azad, the lodestar

Abul Kalam Azad’s commitment to religion, the nation, lights the path for Muslims, secular Hindus

Liberal, really?

A liberal critique of religious orthodoxy cannot offer bad stereotypes to bolster its argument.