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Guitarist has brain surgery, and strums all the way through

The musician, Musa Manzini, a jazz bassist, was awake when the doctors performed the surgery last week, and video footage from the local media site News24 shows him strumming an acoustic guitar slowly as they operated.

Malian musician Fatoumata Diawara talks about bringing hope through her music

Malian musician Fatoumata Diawara, ousted from her community, talks about bringing hope through her music.


Moses sings the blues: Yemen Blues, an Israeli band on its first India tour

Yemen Blues, an Israeli band that has stormed the world music stage by blending jazz, funk and rock with Yeminite synagogue chants, is on its first India tour

Shivin Narang is the next ‘rockstar’

The actor, who is seen as Ranveer from the Punjab hinterland in Veera, will soon set out to live his dreams of becoming a musician

The Pan Piper

Switzerland-based musician Michel Tirabosco on following his dreams despite his handicap.

A Sonnet in Jazz

If one gets to see Jeet Thayil,it’s usually in one of the two avatars — as an author or as a musician


The Music Juggler

Multi-instrumentalist Jose Neil Gomes likes to pick up indigenous instruments while touring across the globe

House Arrest

Indian-American musician Karsh Kale talks about his first performance at the White House

Hitting the Right Notes

Shitalchandr Kulkarni does not think twice before mentioning that the highlight of the year has been his instrumental tracks,Chase me,Growth and Shitaletto on the top,being listed on

Requiem for a Musician

Hennaed hair,colourful jackets,rings on his fingers and a bank of stories — that’s how most music lovers remember Prem Chand.