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Seven die of suspected drug overdoses at Vietnam music festival

All the victims tested positive but the exact drug or drugs involved are not known yet. However, police had seized suspected drug substances at the scene

Itanagar: a city wakes up to jazz

In Itanagar, an annual jazz festival — the only dedicated jazz festival in the entire northeast region — is increasing appreciation for the genre and the organisers hope, in time, the city too.


Music can help tackle communal violence, says Bangladesh Minister

"We saw Chittagong tribals and Buddhists coming under attack. We saw Santhals being targeted... we saw in Rangpur, Hindu localities were attacked. The hyper activities of such elements ought to be overcome," the minister said.

Gear up for a two-day music fest in Goa

There is clearly no dearth of music festivals in the country, and another one on the calendar won’t hurt anyone.

Briefly News: 1 held in Goa for possessing drugs at Sunburn festival

Saurabh Agarwal was arrested after he was found with 10 gms charas inside the Sunburn venue

My favourite food story

Vaishali Samant,playback singer and music director,recalls her experimental daal-bread at Edinburgh


Brand Wagon

Music merchandise is not just connecting bands with their fans but is also raking income

Prelude to the frenzy

A series of NH7 pre-parties are lined up across Mumbai,Pune and Goa as a prelude to the 'happiest' music festival in Pune

A Different Beat

Guetta discovered house music and became one of the first DJs in France to play the genre.

A dialogue in tune

This year,Baajaa Gaajaa,the annual music festival that highlights various genres of music - from rock,blues,and jazz to instrumental,folk Hindustani and Carnatic vocals - will have something more for music lovers to look forward to.