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Rock band assaulted in Bengaluru for not singing Kannada songs, lodge police complaint

The incident took place in Phoenix Marketcity Mall in Whitefield last Friday after Musication, a Bengaluru-based rock band completed their performance. The keyboardist of the band sustained eye injuries after a group of almost 20 people assaulted him.

Bengaluru: Kerala band forced off stage after unruly pub-goers object to singing in Malayalam

Many pointed out that the issue should be taken to court and should be fought legally. However, Street Academics has decided to fight the issue in their own way. "In fact, we are coming out with a song about the same issue this week."


Modern Music for Medieval Saints

Abhanga Repost, a five-member band, is presenting the poems of Bhakti mystics accompanied by the guitar, drums and a contemporary vibe.

Soul band Easy Wanderlings to raise relief funds for Nagaland floods at concert tomorrow

“Thirty per cent of the income will be donated to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund for Nagaland’s flood relief. We want to give back and help as much as we can,” said Sanyanth, one of the vocalists.

A Delhi band is making metal versions of 'shitty pop songs'

Delhi-based band, Bloodywood, produces metal versions of Bollywood numbers.

Blurred Lines

Delhi-based duo FuzzCulture on their debut album, creating rock ‘n’ roll spiced electronic music, and not fitting in.


Mohanlal launches music band

Foraying into a new arena, actor Mohanlal has launched a music band called Lalisom.

We’re one of the loudest bands I’ve ever heard: Dinosaur Pile-Up

Guitarist and vocalist Matt Bigland spoke to Suyash Gabriel in an email interview.

Busking in Glory

Papon, on live performances and the all inclusiveness of his music.

Political Troubadour

At the Jodhpur RIFF,Spanish-French musician Manu Chao spoke about being a vagabond and a messenger for the world.