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Wish to stay fit? Here's why core muscle strength matters

Fitness instructors and nutritionists often stress on the need to develop core muscles when it comes to sweating it out for good health. Ever wondered why?

If you are a vegetarian, opt for these protein-rich foods to build muscle

Protein needs to be consumed every day since it is not stored in our body as reserves. An average adult needs approximately 55 grams of protein every day.


From eggs to salmon: Foods that help ease muscle soreness

When even the simple act of picking up a bag becomes painful, you may be suffering from delayed onset muscle soreness, which is usually caused after strenuous workouts.

From eggs to pulses: Foods you should eat to maintain good muscle health

A diet deficient in protein can accelerate the wear and tear of muscles therefore it is important to replenish your protein levels daily. An average adult needs approximately 55g of protein daily.

These 7 strength training exercises will supercharge your home workout

Many people say no to modern fitness pragmatism, and go back to dumbbells and barbells to develop strength. But, is it the right thing to do? Here's how strength training can add value to fitness.

Smoking could be injurious to your leg muscles

It is vitally important that we show people that the use of tobacco cigarettes has harmful consequences throughout the body, including large muscle groups needed for daily living, and develop strategies to stop the damage triggered by the detrimental components of cigarette smoke.


Fitness tips: Muscle exercise can help alleviate lower back pain

Motor control exercise can help improve coordination of the muscles that control and support the spine.

Decoded: How muscles build bones during exercise

“It establishes for the first time a molecule released from muscle during exercise can act directly on long bones to increase their strength. These are the bones utilised during exercise and also the ones most likely to break,” explained Zaidi, professor of medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.