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Vasai-Virar: NEERI lists steps to prevent floods, exercise to cost Rs 12 crore

The Vasai-Virar City Municipal Corporation (VVCMC) had roped in the IIT and NEERI to understand what caused the floods and what measures should be introduced to avoid a similar situation.

City was never built in planned manner: Satish Lokhande, commissioner of Vasai-Virar civic body

People will always blame the corporation. But we have limitations too. We do our best, but people need to share responsibility. That gives us more time to focus on other issues, says the Commissioner.


Mumbai floods: No civic budget funds for stormwater drains in Vasai-Virar

The Sunday Express looks at the civic body’s budgetary provisions for drain cleaning and stormwater drains to decode the corpaoration’s monsoon preparedness.

Mumbai rains HIGHLIGHTS: Very heavy rains expected, train services hit

Mumbai Heavy Rains, Weather forecast HIGHLIGHTS: Heavy to very heavy rainfall is expected in Mumbai, Thane, Raigad and Palghar today. Get the latest news and updates here.

Dr Amrapurkar's death in Mumbai rains: Police arrest 4, say they opened manhole

Dr Amrapurkar, who practiced at Bombay Hospital, was on his way to his home in Prabhadevi when his car got stuck in a flooded road near Elphinstone Road railway station. Police said, "As he was very close to his home, he informed his family that he would walk the rest of the way but was sucked into the open manhole.

Meteorological predictions are not perfect. We never claim that. It is a science, we do our best: Sivananda Pai

Head of climate prediction at IMD, D Sivananda Pai denies allegations that they did not predict the recent heavy rainfall over Mumbai, points out that it is not IMD but govt that issues public alerts, asserts that India’s seasonal prediction is better than many countries, and calls cloud seeding “useless”


In Bombay's 1896 plague disaster, pointers to what caused August 29 floods

As Mumbai reeled under the excessive rain on august 29, and Mumbaikars wondered if authorities had learnt any lessons from the 2005 flood, historians and city planners hark back to the history of India’s most resilient city to see if the past offered any pointers to the present disaster.

Moved by a cabbie's act of kindness during Mumbai rains, this woman is out to look for a job for him!

As time passed, she added that he did not complain even once or asked her to leave the cab and find her own way home, instead, he assured her that she shall home safely. Finally, she reached Andheri at about 8:30 in the evening and he had to drive all the way back to Bandra.

VIDEO: This housing society 'in-charge' ordered deflation of a woman's car tyre who took shelter during Mumbai rains

In the video, the woman can be heard desperately requesting the elderly man to just allow her to stay till water recedes. But the man seems to be unmoved and argues on camera. The man's "insensitive" remarks have irked many on Facebook and many have slammed him for being 'ruthless'.

Amul celebrates 'spirit of Mumbai' with this beautiful cartoon on deluge

As water refuses to recede even past midnight, and officials trying their best to keep things in orders, citizens got together too to help the city stand back on its feet. Celebrating such kind gestures in time of a natural calamity, Amul came up with a fitting cartoon to honour the spirit of Mumbai and its people.

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Hear the Mumbai monsoon

The rain makes us dance to its rhythm. It has a special place. Hear the different sounds of the Mumbai monsoon and experience it.

What Is So Unusual About The Excess Rains That Lashed Mumbai?

Tuesday's rainfall in Mumbai is unexpected in the month of August. Once the rain stops what is required is a good drainage system for an exit. Unfortunately, in Mumbai also the drainage networks are not very good.