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To suggest that India’s home secretary was ‘enjoying’ Pakistani hospitality is misleading

Gupta came on an official visit to Islamabad for the home secretaries’ meeting under what was then called the Composite Dialogue

Notices issued to accused, govt over plea to examine boat used for 26/11 attacks: Pak court

Islamabad High Court issued notices to the 10 accused in the Mumbai attacks and the government to inspect the boat used by the 10 LeT terrorists to reach India.


Pakistan asks India to send 24 witnesses to depose in 26/11 trial

Pakistan has asked India to send all the 24 Indian witnesses to depose before the anti-terrorism court holding the Mumbai attack trial, the chief prosecutor in the high-profile case said on Sunday.

#Express5: Shift in PDP stance on BJP; The men rebuilding Kedarnath

We recommend that you start your day by reading these five special Express stories.

Stop telecast... if it continues, our operation won’t end: Callers to PCR

From a sobbing housewife to a Navy commander, callers repeatedly ask the PCR to order a media blackout.

B E L...Belvedere, get it right... Rang Bhavan, next to St Xavier’s College: Callers told clueless PCR on 26/11

An analysis shows that at least 22 calls to the PCR between 11 pm & 1 am were about the location of the terrorists.


Mumbai Police Control Room on 26/11 attack: Panicky, Confused, Rambling

A close analysis of these calls tells how police operators in charge of the control room betrayed panic.

Express photographer recounts the horror of 26/11

Vasant Prabhu's unforgettable images of the foreigners assassinated by the Taj poolside were splashed across dailies.

‘Ab na body saath deta hai na mind’

26/11 survivor Govind is battling schizophrenia and has lost his job and wife

‘Scars run too deep, life still a big challenge for victims, their kin’

TISS report says affected families are still reeling under long-term mental, physical and financial consequences.