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Mozilla rolls out fix after Firefox users report problems with add-ons, extensions

Mozilla has issued a new update to Fixefox on desktop and Android after users reported problems where they were unable to run web extensions and add-ons on the browser

Mozilla, other internet bodies red flag IT rule changes

The comments come after the government recently disclosed plans to amend the IT rules wherein social media platforms and messaging apps will be required to deploy tools to "identify" and curb unlawful content as well as follow stricter due diligence practices.


Proposed changes in IT rules will lead to over-censorship, undermine encryption, warns Mozilla

Mozilla has also asserted that any regulatory intervention to this "complex issue" must be preceded by a wide-ranging and participatory discussion process.

Why Mozilla is advocating for Lean Data practices in India

Mozilla's roundtable discussion on Privacy Matters in India, looked at the key data security issues for online companies and the challenges they face in keeping this secure

Mozilla, Tesla, other businesses take a Facebook pause

Elon Musk, meanwhile, made waves, saying in a Twitter exchange that he would take down the Facebook sites for his companies Tesla and SpaceX.

Indian internet users prefer quality content online, reveals Mozilla research

A research by Mozilla, the makers of Firefox, has revealed that Internet users in India tend to go for quality net content online instead to freebies. The research was carried out by LIRNEasia. Users download promoted apps or refer them to friends to earn monetary rewards.


Mozilla shuts down Firefox OS, lays off 'connected devices' team: Report

Mozilla, the makers of the Firefox browser, told its employees that it will be shutting down its connected devices business.

Mozilla unveils its new minimalistic logo, font and other design changes

Mozilla has completely revamped its brand identity and has introduced a new logo, font and design

Mozilla to kill Firefox smartphone operating system

Mozilla's Firefox OS for smartphones transitions from mobile to connected devices

Mozilla enables tracking protection by default with new developer build

Mozilla introduces new enhancements to 'Do Not Track' feature with Developer Edition of Firefox