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'Grit' found to be heritable, but not a marker for good grades in children

Though a favourable trait, 'grit' adds little to the prediction of academic achievement when other personality factors are taken into account.

10 step formula for everlasting happiness

The world is full of seemingly happy people who are emotionally miserable. But what is happiness?


14 ways you can lead a happy and successful life

Success is a very subjective term. According to me, success is living a happy and fulfilled life, writes bestselling author Siddhartha Sharma.

Bestselling author Siddhartha Sharma on penning Thank God It's Monday and positive work psychology

Determined to go against the status quo, his book Thank God It's Monday brings a new and refreshing wave of work ethics and positive work psychology.

Don't get along with anyone? Here's what you need to do

Have you seen personal relationships becoming a burden and even falling apart? It’s a new normal in this present-day world.

Researchers identify new type of boredom

'Apathetic boredom' resembles learned helplessness or depression.


Talking Tome

Inspiration and motivation,admits Anjali Jasrai,came to her early on and from varied quarters.

Kelly suffers wardrobe malfunction

Rowland,a former bandmate of Beyonce,had a wardrobe malfunction at a nightclub in West Orange.

Kelly shocked mom with hot video

Deciding it would upset her otherwise,Rowland held a private screening of the video for her mom.

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Comrades say Pawan Kumar's life a 'trophy' for them

Jind (Haryana), Feb 22 (ANI): Captain Pawan Kumar, who sacrificed his life fighting the militants in Jammu and Kashmir's Pampore area, was a source of motivation for his batchmates and his life was a trophy for them. One of the batchmates of the martyred Captain recalled his valour and bravery, saying that he always led from the front and was very determined and focused. His other coursemate said he was a real sweetheart, who always kept motivating all his colleagues not to give up until their last breath. Recalling his humorous behaviour, one of his coursemates said that he always joked on Jats.