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Strawberry Moon 2019: What is it and how is it formed?

Strawberry Moon June 2019: This year, the Strawberry Moon can be witnessed on Monday, June 17. The full Moon will appear 'opposite' the Sun. On this day, the moon will appear smaller than it is and be visible through a shorter arc.

Exomoons may be home to alien life: Study

Exoplanets are planets outside our solar system and nearly 4,000 have been discovered till now, said researchers at the University of Lincoln in the UK.


Chinese Chang'e-4 lunar rover confirms Moon crater theory

The Chinese lunar rover Chang'e-4 may have confirmed a longstanding idea about the origin of a vast crater on the far side of the Moon.

Shrinking Moon generating lunar quakes: Study

Other evidence that these faults are active comes from highly detailed images of the Moon by NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) spacecraft.

Ramadan 2019 Moon Sighting Today Time in India, UAE, Saudi Arabia

Ramadan 2019 Moon Sighting Today Time in India, UAE, Saudi Arabia: Considered an opportune time to come closer to God, Ramadan is observed to remind people of the sufferings of the less fortunate and underprivileged.

Final Supermoon of 2019 on March 21, same day as Spring Equinox: How to watch, India timings, etc

Super Worm Equinox Moon March 2019 Date and Time in India, Live Stream: The full moon of March will also be the final Supermoon of the year 2019 and it also happens to be on the same day as the Spring Equinox, making it a rare event.


NASA to study untouched Moon samples from Apollo missions for first time

Samples collected from the Moon by Apollo missions in the 1970s that were untouched up until now and carefully stored for nearly 50 years will now be studied.

NASA orbiter spots water molecules moving around the dayside of Moon

Using NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), scientists have observed water molecules moving around the dayside of the Moon.

Moon's surface acts as 'chemical factory' to produce water: NASA

The lunar surface could act as a 'chemical factory' that produces the ingredients for water, making it easier for future human colonies on the Moon to sustain themselves, NASA scientists have found.

Super Snow Moon 2019 today: February's Supermoon is biggest one of 2019

Super Snow Moon February 2019 Date and Time in India: According to NASA, on February 19, the Moon will be full only six hours after it reaches the perigee distance of its orbit, making it the brightest and largest full Moon of 2019.

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A glimpse of the supermoon worldwide

The phenomenon, which scientists call a 'perigee moon', occurs when the moon is near the horizon and appears larger and brighter than other full moons.

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Earthrise: 50 years ago, we saw the earth rise from space for the first time

On Christmas Eve, 1968, astronauts orbiting the moon saw Earth rising for the first time.