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From torch to windcheater: Essentials you must carry on a monsoon trek

Whether it is a plan with friends or a solo trip, a trek is sure to make you feel better and rejuvenated.

IMD’s first monsoon forecast this week: Why it’s important but not the final word

The first forecast, like the one that will come this week, only gives the percentage of LPA that is likely to take place during the season. IMD comes up with a follow-up forecast, usually in June, in which it gives the region-wise and month-wise distribution of rainfall.


7 ways in which you can make the most of this monsoon season

With the rains approaching the country, here is what all you can do to relax yourself during this monsoon season.

In the middle of monsoon season in Marathwada, no water to drink

Officials don’t just fear upsetting the political heavyweights of Solapur when water is taken from Ujani, which feeds large parts of the district and has a stock of 58 tmc.

Well begun

It has had an unexpectedly good start but it’s still too early to wish away monsoon fears.

Pune records 83 mm rainfall in 24 hours

Pune showers continued till late Wednesday evening and there is forecast for more rains Thursday.


Hot day ahead in Delhi

Humidity was recorded at 45 per cent till 8.30 am which is likely to increase as the day progresses.

Monsoon: Rise in cases of viral infection, fever

As per data provided by the civic health department, cases of gastroenteritis increased from 798 cases in April to 929 in May, as opposed to just 68 recorded in February.

BMC storm water drains dept set for overhaul to prevent monsoon flooding

Cutting red tape: Engineers will be assigned work in catchment areas instead of wards.

Monsoon this year could be longest in 72 years for Delhi

Record showers: Met department has predicted more rain this week.