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Raising the Bar

As three new bars open in Mumbai, Talk gives you a lowdown on what to expect.

Stay Hungry, Stay Smart

Monkey Bar will be churning out its crowd favourites, from the Mobar burger to Mobar Laksa.


Food stories: When two popular restaurants spread their wings

When two popular restaurants spread their wings in the city, how high and far do they fly?

Back to the Playground

Monkey Bar is a place of irreverent excellence where food, alcohol and ambience combine.

Monkeying Around Town

On the eve of its Delhi opening,Manu Chandra of Bangalore’s Monkey Bar speaks about the brand’s food and philosophy.

Eat,Drink and Be Merry

The gastropub,a rage in the West,is now Raising the bar in India as a growing number of pubs in big cities tempt customers with affordable menus featuring haute cuisine in a casual atmosphere