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MPs prefer bank deposits, gold, even lending but no mutual funds

BJP’s prime ministerial nominee keeps a large chunk (almost 90 per cent) of his movable assets in the bank.

Markets reward China reform ambition,await follow-up

Chinese leadership has pledges to give markets a decisive role in key areas of economy.


Mutual funds witness Rs 50,000 cr outflows in July

Huge pull-out of funds during July followed a net withdrawal of Rs 48,403 cr in preceding month.

'Open market operation was aimed at liquidity management,not a yield signal'

The recent measures taken by the RBI to tighten liquidity and strengthen the rupee have created a turmoil in the money market

Fund pioneer Bent tries to shift blame

Bruce Bent took a swipe at the U.S. government's response to the 2008 financial crisis when he testified at his own trial.

Government bonds react downwards,call rate finish lower

The 8.33 per cent government security maturing in 2026 dropped to Rs 100.5325 from 100.62 previously.


G-secs recover on fresh demand,call rate eases

The 8.79 per cent (G-Sec) maturing in 2021 rose to Rs 104.0225 from Rs 103.8150.

Money transfer firms eying Asian mkt

Western Union has already launched domestic transfer operations in the Philippines and Indonesia.

How to select a fund?

There are over 700 mutual fund schemes running in India today and about 35 different companies that run these funds. So,how will you choose which fund to invest in?