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Maldives delay in freeing opposition leaders fuels domestic, international concern

The Indian Ocean nation has been mired in political unrest since Mohamed Nasheed, its first democratically elected leader, was ousted in 2012. He has been in exile on medical grounds from a 13-year jail sentence on terrorism charges.

Maldives top court orders release of former president Mohamed Nasheed, opposition leaders

Supreme Court said it found that prosecutors and judges had been unduly influenced "to conduct politically motivated investigations" into the allegations levelled at Nasheed and the other opposition leaders


Following former president Nasheed’s midnight conviction, Maldives politics plunge into crisis

Nasheed was sentenced to thirteen years in prison on terrorism charges by a Male criminal court late on Friday.

India calls for resolution of crisis in Maldives

India has sought a quick second round of presidential elections in the Maldives even as the outgoing President Mohammed Waheed defied international pressure and declared that he will stay on until his successor is sworn in. As the political crisis in the Maldives deepened,the Indian High Commission said it was disappointed that the run-off for […]

Crisis deepens in Maldives after third vote blocked

Supreme Court postponed presidential vote which could have elected a president.

Maldives Supreme Court postpones presidential run-off vote to Nov 16

This is the third time the presidential elections have been derailed.


Maldives SC postpones presidential run-off vote to Nov 16

The presidential run-off was due to take place today.

Nasheed wins first round poll in Maldives,fails to get majority

Mohammed Nasheed failed to clinch an outright majority in the first round of the presidential re-vote in the Maldives.

Voter turnout in Maldives presidential elections remains low

If no candidate gets over 50 per cent of votes in the balloting,a run-off will be required.

Maldives SC orders fresh presidential poll

Maldivian High Commissioner to India Mohamed Naseer said the verdict was issued by a majority of the seven-judge bench.