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Sister of Saudi Crown Prince MBS faces verdict over 'beating workman' in France

The workman has said that he was allegedly tied up and ordered to kiss the feet of the princess, who is thought to be in her 40s. He claimed that he was then beaten up and had his tools confiscated during an ordeal that lasted several hours.

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India-Saudi Arabia relations cannot be seen through the prism of Pakistan. That’s the message from Saudi Crown Prince’s visit


Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince gifted gold-plated submachine gun by Pakistan

After his Pakistan visit, Saudi's Crown Prince arrived in India Tuesday night where he and Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday agreed to tackle the menace of terrorism and increase pressure on countries supporting it.

India, Saudi agree on need for increasing pressure on countries backing terror: PM Modi

Without mentioning Pakistan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Salman agreed that eliminating the infrastructure of terrorism was important to punish terrorists and their supporters.