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China has grabbed more land than East India Company had ever done: Ex-Maldives Prez

Nasheed said that the Maldives would like more foreign investment and Chinese investment, but impinged on transparency in the tendering process, particularly in the case of China.

Jail term suspended, ex-President Nasheed set to return home to Maldives tomorrow

In the absence of Nasheed and top Opposition leaders, who were either jailed or forced to flee the island nation after President Yameen came to power, it was Solih who coordinated and led the Opposition.


Maldives court suspends jail term for ex-President Mohamed Nasheed

The prosecutor general's office on Sunday sought a Supreme Court review of Nasheed's conviction under the country's tough terrorism law for ordering the military to detain a top judge when he was president in 2012.

With MDP back in power, exiled ex-president Mohamed Nasheed announces return to Maldives

Nasheed, the leader of the main opposition Maldivian Democratic Party, made the announcement days after MDP leader Ibrahim Mohamed Solih was elected President.

Explained: What Abdulla Yameen’s exit signals

Change of regime in Maldives brings relief to India after strained relations with Yameen govt and amid concerns about growing Chinese influence. Now, all eyes will be on how Malé manages a new coalition.

Maldives opposition selects veteran Ibrahim Solih for September presidential poll

Nasheed, Maldives' first democratically-elected leader who lives in exile in Sri Lanka, on Friday said he had decided to relinquish his presidential ticket as the national election commission ruled him illegible to run. Ibrahim Solih was first elected to parliament in 1994.


Maldives exiled former president abandons presidential bid

Maldives became a multiparty democracy in 2008 and Nasheed became the first president elected in a free election.

Maldives crisis: US asks President Abdulla Yameen to restore rights of people, institutions

Asserting that the US stands with the people of Maldives, the State Department spokesperson said Yameen, the army and police should respect the Maldives' international human rights obligations and commitments.

Mohamed Nasheed's call for India's intervention very irresponsible... Emergency a necessity: Dunya Maumoon

Maldives crisis: The Indian government has already issued two statements criticising the political chaos in the Maldives and especially “disturbed” by the imposition of Emergency.

Mohamed Nasheed snubs China; asks India to play role of 'liberators'

"Maldivians see India's role positively: in '88 they came, resolved the crisis, and left. They were not occupiers but liberators. This is why Maldivians look to India now," Nasheed tweeted