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Explained: How Egypt changed (and didn’t) during the Mohamed Morsi years

When he died — reportedly collapsing in court — he was on trial for espionage. He was buried under heavy security early on Tuesday. All through, he continued to insist he was Egypt’s President.

Everything you need to know about Egypt’s former president Mohamed Morsi

His death has also raised doubts over the 'torturous' condition under which he was kept in the prison. Voices of several human right groups and individuals have called for an impartial investigation into his death.


Egyptian court confirms ousted president Mohamed Morsi's life sentence

The Court of Cassation, Egypt's highest appeal court, rejected the former president's appeal and said the ruling is "final and unappealable," state-run MENA news agency reported. The court also confirmed death sentences of three prominent members of the Muslim Brotherhood in the same case.

Egypt: 5 soldiers killed, 8 injured in terror attack

The injured were transferred to the hospital for treatment, most of them in critical condition.

Egypt court postpones final ruling on Mohamed Morsi's death sentence

In April, Morsi was sentenced to 20 years in prison for inciting violence and ordering the arrest and torture of demonstrators during 2012 clashes while he was the president.

Cairo on trial

Morsi made mistakes. Now Egypt’s rulers must beware their own high-handedness.


Egypt court postpones Mubarak verdict to November

Mubarak is being retried on charges of complicity in the killing of around 850 unarmed protesters during the January, 2011.

Nearly 100 Morsi supporters jailed in Egypt

The defendants were found guilty of illegal assembly, attempted murder and stealing a gun from a policeman.

Twin bombings near Egypt president palace kill police officer, leave six injured

The attack came almost a year to the day when the military toppled Islamist president Mohamed Morsi.

Egypt presidential election set for May 26, 27

The election would go into a second round if there is no clear winner.