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Multi-screening arrives with FIFA World Cup

Indian soccer fans followed the just-concluded FIFA World Cup not just on television but also on the mobile and laptop

Indian mobile phone player Britzo launches 4G feature phones, smartphones

Home-grown smartphone maker Britzo has unveiled its 'Make in India' mobile phone brand iVVO, with eight new 2G feature phones.


JAM trinity to unify Indians into one economic, digital space, says Arun Jaitley

“Just as GST created one tax, one market, one India, the PMJDY and the JAM revolution can link all Indians into one common financial, economic, and digital space. No Indian will be outside the mainstream,” Jaitley wrote.

India to have 1.4 billion mobile subscribers by 2022: Report

Whatsapp is most used application in India followed by Youtube on Android platform and Facebook on Apple's iOS platform. Google maps is third most use application by users on both the platform, report says. The data usage per smartphone user in India will grow to 11GB per month by 2022.

Cellphone addiction: Seven things that we did differently in 'BC' times

What did we use to live and learn, how did we love and fight?

Running out of smartphone battery? A new digital circuit could fix all of that

Researchers are trying to develop a circuit that can be integrated into the battery of a computer or smartphone and can help the device function for a longer time in one cycle of charging.


Ours are the Streets

We need to ensure that our mobilisations of anger and protest are not always limited to cases where people like you and me are affected

From the Discomfort Zone: Digital fossil

As IT service is an essential commodity product like electricity or water supply that you cannot do without, competition in the IT service industry will accelerate.

Mobile-first Pinterest looks to pin India to its wall

India registers 150% growth in sign up this year, loves fashion, travel and technology pins

No health risk from cell phone radiation

Radiations emitted by mobile phones and towers do not cause any health hazard, say experts.

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