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Recycling of milk pouches: Kadam asks dairies to implement buyback plan immediately

On May 28, Kadam had set a 15-day deadline for dairies to start a buyback mechanism for the plastic pouches. He had also asked the dairies to set up recycling plants. It was the third such deadline since March 2018.

World Milk Day 2019: How to get your child to drink milk

World Milk Day: If your child does not like to drink milk, you can opt for some dairy-based alternative foods like yogurt and cheese. Your child will get the required nutrition and may gradually develop a taste for milk too.


Drought pushes up skimmed milk powder prices

Dairies convert the excess milk they collect into SMP, which is both a tradable as well as an exportable commodity. On average, India produces four lakh tonne (lt) of SMP of which 1 lt is exported.

National Milk Day: 10 facts on Verghese Kurien, the Milkman of India

On National Milk Day, here are some facts about Verghese Kurien that you can share with your kids.

What should be your daily intake of milk? Is it good only for kids? All your questions answered

Milk occupies a special place in Ayurveda for its nutritional and digestive properties. Loaded with vitamins, protein, potassium and magnesium, it is one of the healthiest drinks, but more often than not, it doesn't find a special place in our diet. Can avoiding it completely harm your health? Let's hear it from an expert.

Maharashtra: Solution to state's milk sector crisis may be found in neighbouring state

Days after they started distributing milk free of cost to protest against low procurement prices, dairy farmers in Maharashtra have threatened to take their protest all the way to Mantralaya in Mumbai.


Milk influx from rural-Gujarat forces Amul to lean on private dairies in MP, Rajasthan & Maharashtra

Past experiences have shown that milk procurement during drought years increases as the farmer's income from agriculture declines and he tends to concentrates on producing more milk.

Coconut milk may be the next best to breast milk, it's healthier

In situations when a baby is not getting breast milk or needs additional supplements, coconut milk is widely used in place of cow milk in countries like Thailand, Vietnam and Sri Lanka.

Like sugar, new law soon to ensure MSP for dairy farmers

The chief minister’s decision comes in wake of growing demand from the Opposition Congress and NCP for subsidies in the dairy sector.

Diet Diary: Desi cow milk safest variant

Evidence link A1 milk to ill-health; A2 gene, the safer one, is found only in non-genetically altered cows.

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Top 4: Food that help you sleep

There are a few food items which can improve your sleeping pattern, reports