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Donald Trump finally hews to ritual of meeting troops in harm's way

Trump had faced criticism for not yet visiting US troops stationed in harm's way as he comes upon his two-year mark in office. George W. Bush made four trips to Iraq and two to Afghanistan as president; Barack Obama made four to Afghanistan and one to Iraq.

US must respect Sino-India efforts to resolve border dispute: China

"The Chinese side is committed to safeguarding peace and tranquility of the border areas between China and India and resolving the boundary question through negotiation with India," the Chinese Foreign Ministry said.


China criticises US report, says it hypes up so-called military threat

The report to the US Congress on Friday said that China was focused on developing and weaponizing the islands it has built in the disputed waters of the South China Sea.

Chinese President Xi Jinping moves to take more direct command over military

Xi's new position was revealed in news reports that featured prominently on national news broadcasts Wednesday and Thursday in which he appeared publicly for the first time in camouflage battle dress wearing the joint center's insignia.

US to send 217 additional troops to Iraq to help fight against Islamic State

The US President's instructions to his national security team have been to reinforce the successful elements of US campaign

How strong is North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's army?

"Military First" is the national motto of North Korea, which is ever wary of threats to its ruling regime and still technically at war with Washington and Seoul.


South China Sea: China seriously concerned by Australia's evaluation of contested islands

China 'seriously concerned' about issues concerning the South China Sea and the development of China's military strength.

President Xi’s military reforms in China: Increase professionalism in the forces or his own power?

Xi Jinping announced that PLA will be cut by 300,000 personnel from its 2.3m-strong military force.

Can Muslims in forces sport beard? SC no to urgent hearing

Petitioner says he will approach Centre to seek change in service rules

1 dead as fresh violence grips Bangladesh

Jamaat-e-Islami party wants Hasina's government to halt the war crimes trials of its leaders.

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Pak military nurturing terrorism: Shiv Sena

Mumbai, Jan 13 (ANI): Shiv Sena leader Manisha Kayande on Wednesday said that Pakistan is governed by its military and accused the Pakistan military of giving shelter to terror camps. She further stated that Pakistan government has no control on the country’s situation. Kayande said that the attack on Indian consulate Mazar-e-Sharif was a matter of grave concern. She believed that international pressure is required over Pakistan in order to prevent it from shielding terrorists.