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Mike Pompeo hopes India won't buy oil from Venezuela's Maduro govt

The issue was discussed in a meeting with the visiting Indian Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale, Pompeo told reporters at a news conference here, without providing insight into it.

Terrorism is the gravest threat to global peace and security: PM on call with world leaders

During a phone call with Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who called to express condolences for the victims of the recent Pulwama attacks, Modi underscored the importance of immediate, demonstrable, and irreversible action against terrorism by all concerned countries.


Mike Pompeo discusses Indo-Pak situation with British NSA

Pompeo and Sedwill reaffirmed their commitment to strengthening the US-UK special relationship and cooperation in the face of major global challenges, State Department Deputy Spokesperson Robert Palladino said Friday.

US trying to find common ground between India-Pakistan: Mike Pompeo

"The debate to try to figure out how to get Middle East peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians, or in the news recently, the longstanding battle in Kashmir between the Indians and the Pakistanis," Mike Pompeo said.

US to make sure China can't blockade South China Sea: Mike Pompeo

The long-seething territorial disputes are a key irritant between Washington and Beijing, which has turned several disputed barren reefs into islands with runways and other military facilities.

US asks Pakistan to take 'meaningful action' against terrorist groups

Last week, US National Security Adviser John Bolton told his Indian counterpart Ajit Doval that America supports India's right to self-defence as both sides vowed to work together to ensure that Pakistan ceases to be a safe heaven for JeM and other terror groups.


US Secretary of State urges India-Pak to de-escalate tensions, prioritise communication

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the US encourages both sides to prioritise direct communication and avoid further military activity.

Defender of world order or Trump mouthpiece? Mike Pompeo is tested by N.Korea, Iran, US Allies

Almost a year into his job, Mike Pompeo, has managed to pull off what few other Trump-era senior Cabinet members have accomplished — staying in the president’s good graces and wielding power without countering White House pronouncements or policies.

US gives control over bank accounts to Venezuela challenger

Juan Guaido has been recognized as Venezuela's rightful leader by two dozen nations that contend re-election of socialist President Nicolas Maduro was not legitimate, partly because his strongest opponents were barred from running.

US rejects Maduro's decision to sever diplomatic ties

Pompeo, however, suggested that U.S. diplomats planned to stay put and he demanded the Venezuelan military and security forces "continue protecting ... all Venezuelan citizens, as well as U.S. and other foreign citizens in Venezuela.